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Our office will be  closed on  July 4th. Enjoy the holiday safely!

New Patient Intake

Our Intake specialists facilitate seamless patient onboarding by gathering comprehensive information, assessing needs, providing good faith estimates, and coordinating initial appointments. They serve as the vital link between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring efficient and personalized service delivery. Our future patients should expect to be contacted one to three business days after completing their intake form with the quote, a matching provider, and a tentative appointment. Once scheduled, our patients receive our intake package which needs to be completed withing 72 hours of scheduling the appointment. The intake package contains all the documentation and consents required prior to seeing one of our providers as well as some scales/assessments. We will collect credit card information for all visits. We will collect self pay payments, copay and/or deductibles for all virtual appointments at least 48 hours prior to the appointments.

Our practice is evidence based, and our prescribers provide support therapy in addition to medication management. We believe in the importance of building trust and a therapeutic relationship with our patients for that reason we provide them with enough time to ask questions, provide accurate answers, and participate in the decision process of establishing their customized care plan. For that reason, all of our medication management patients will have one hour intakes and 30 minute follow ups

A medication management psychiatric provider specializes in prescribing and adjusting psychiatric medications.

A therapist or counselor offers psychological support, helping clients navigate emotional and mental health challenges.

We are here to help. As a psychiatric and counseling clinic we offer a comprehensive range of services to address various mental health needs, even if you're unsure of what you require. 

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