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We will be closed in observance of Juneteenth.

  • How much should I expect the session to cost?
    Cost for each session can vary widely based on your insurance plan and specific mental health benefits. During your first call with our intake coordinator, they will ask for your insurance information so that our eligibility team can run your insurance information to estimate the cost of your session. Someone from our eligibility team will be in touch prior to your session to explain the cost of your session and collect payment. Self pay rates vary depending on the provider that you plan to see.
  • What is the difference between a psychiatrist, a physician assistant, a nurse practitioner, a therapist, and a psychologist?
    A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that can conduct a psychiatric evaluation, prescribe medication, and in some cases provide psychotherapy. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are advanced practice clinicians that operate under the supervision of a psychiatrist. They too can conduct psychiatric evaluations, prescribe medication, and in some cases provide psychotherapy. Therapists can provide dedicated psychotherapy services. Psychologists can provide psychotherapy and conduct psychological evaluations. Please note that our resident psychologist is not offering psychological evaluations (neurophysiology's testing, psycho-educational testing, etc.) at this time.
  • How much should I expect the therapy session to cost?
    Self pay rates are $250 for new patients seeking therapy. Follow up appointments vary depending on provider but the range is $165-250 per session. These prices only apply to non prescriber patients, our therapists. Two of our therapists are credential with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medcost. We would have to verify your plan to provide an estimate for the cost of the visit. Please call our office for more information. Our health coach rates for self pay patients is $140 per session
  • My intake coordinator said that I need to fill out paperwork, where can I find this?
    The paperwork is available to you on the patient portal. You should have received an email from “Insync administrator” with your login credentials. Once you log onto the portal you can see the forms are available to be filled out under the “Forms/Documents” tab. If you are having difficulty navigating our patient portal, please go to our resources page and click the grey bar that says "Click Here for Assistance with Our Patient Portal."
  • If I am the parent or guardian of the new patient, should I be completing the paperwork for them?
    The person signing the new patient forms must be 18 or older. If the patient is a minor, the new patient forms must be completed by a parent or guardian. If the patient is 18 or older, they will need to complete the forms. The scales are to be completed as instructed on each form. If the scale says “parent” it should be filled out by a parent, if a scale says “child” it should be filled out by the child. If the form for whatever reason doesn't specify, it is meant to be filled out by the patient.
  • How many providers do you have at the office?
    We have four psychiatrists, three physician assistants, six nurse practitioners, four therapists, and one psychologist for a total of eighteen providers.
  • What is the "Guarantor Form" and do I have to fill it out?
    The guarantor form only needs to be filled out if someone other than the patient will be paying for their sessions that isn’t a legal parent/ guardian of a minor. If a spouse, company, friend, family member etc. is paying for sessions- the guarantor form needs to be filled out with the information of the person that will be paying. We can not accept payment from someone for sessions if the form is not signed with their information.
  • In what areas do your providers specialize?
    Our providers specialize in a variety of psychiatric and behavioral conditions. Please scroll down to view our "Providers that Specialize In:..." section further down on this page to see all the providers that specialize in each specific condition. Also, if you navigate to each specific provider's page, their areas of interest will be listed for your perusal. Another great way to determine which provider will be a good fit is to call an intake coordinator at 980-237-4766 ext.103. They will take you through our screening process to determine if we can provide the level of care you need and can make a recommendation as to which provider would be best suited to see you. Using our new assessment found on "Click here to get started" will expedite the new patient process.
  • How do I go about scheduling an appointment?
    In order to give our patients the care they deserve, our patients are asked to complete a brief assessment on this website. This tool is both informative for the patient and, it also allows us to determine if we need records from the patients, or if the patient requires a higher level of care then we can provide. Review the list of insurance that are out of our network and the plans from BCBS and UHC that we are not contracted with.
  • What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy for new patient appointments?
    If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please note that we require 48 hours notice. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in incurring a no-show/cancellation fee. Please also note that if we have not received the completed new patient forms and prepayment for your session by the deadline set by our intake coordinator, your session may be cancelled. Depending on when you schedule your appointment, we require everything to be received no later than one business day prior to your session or by the deadline set by the eligibility team once they have determined the cost of your session
  • I am trying to complete the intake forms on the patient portal on my tablet or smartphone but it is not working. What should I do?
    The patient portal in general is not a very mobile friendly application and the forms specifically are not. We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer whenever accessing the patient portal. If you do not have access to a desktop or laptop computer, please call the office to request an emailed PDF copy of the paperwork or to discuss other options.
  • Once I have spoken to an intake coordinator and tentatively scheduled my appointment, what do I need to do now?"
    To finalize your appointment, you will need to complete all of the new patient paperwork on the patient portal and provide prepayment for your session. Someone from our team will be in touch regarding the cost of your session and collecting prepayment. Please note, your provider will not be able to see you unless the forms have been completed and payment has been received.
  • What insurance plans does your office take?
    Please note that the insurance plans we take vary by provider. To be sure what specific plan your provider is in network with, our intake coordinators will need detailed information of your insurance information. Our team will verify your insurance and provide an estimate cost of the first visit once we complete our screening process. We try to update each provider’s page with the insurance plans they take but as we are actively in the process of getting credentialed with some carriers, their pages may not include all plans with which they are in-network. When in doubt, our intake coordinator will have the most up to date information.
  • How is Spravato administered?
    The administration of Spravato at our clinic involves a structured procedure, under the supervision of a healthcare provider, ensuring patient safety is at the forefront. As a nasal spray, Spravato provides a non-invasive and relatively quick method of delivery. Patients can expect a thorough explanation and guidance throughout their treatment journey, ensuring transparency, comfort, and peace of mind.
  • What insurances do we accept for Spravato treatment?
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield (including Blue Value, Blue Local, and Blue Home) United Healthcare Optum UMR Medcost Cigna/Evernorth Aetna Medicare Note that at this time we do not accept BCBS plans from the marketplace.
  • What providers can I see?
    Shanna Mago PMHNP-BC Laura Nazzaro PMHNP-BC Micah Bright PMHNP-BC Levy Wiseman-Floyd PA-C Emily Terry PA-C Jeffrey Woodard PA-C
  • Why Choose PFBHNC for Spravato?
    Pediatric and Family Behavioral Health, a reputable and evidence-based clinic, is spearheading the introduction of Spravato in South Charlotte. Our team of expert psychiatrists brings a wealth of knowledge, clinical experience, and a deep commitment to providing patient-centered care. We are proud to offer this pioneering treatment option, underpinning our enduring pledge to improve the health and wellbeing of the individuals and families we serve.
  • What is Spravato?
    Spravato is a brand name for esketamine. Distinguished from traditional antidepressants, Spravato acts on the brain's glutamatergic system, providing a new pathway for addressing the distressing symptoms of TRD and MDD. Importantly, Spravato has been FDA-approved specifically for TRD and MDD with suicidality, underscoring its scientific backing and rigorous testing. This therapeutic innovation opens a new chapter in mental health care, particularly for those patients who have not responded favorably to conventional treatment options.

Thank you so much for your interest in Pediatric & Family Behavioral Health! We are committed to connecting patients with the best providers for their specific needs to assist them on their behavioral health journey. Feel free to peruse our "Frequently Asked Questions" List as well as our "Provider Specialty" List.

If your questions have not been answered here or if you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call our intake coordinator at 980-237-4766 ext. 103 or complete our assessment New Patient Assesment" which is the fastest way for us to gather the information we need to schedule our new patients.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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