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Georgina Ghandour, 

Georgina Ghandour is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Nutritionist. She obtained her BS in Nutrition in 2007 and worked extensively as a Clinical nutritionist in an outpatient setting helping families and their children. More specifically, she worked with prenatal/Postpartum mothers and their babies with feeding issues, nutritional deficiencies, and behavioral lifestyle changes.  As Health Coach, Geena focuses on SMART goals, motivational interviewing, and assessing stages of change. Geena works with teens and young adults from all backgrounds and cultures. Specifically, she helps them accomplish their health goals, boosts their confidence, and empowers them by reducing life obstacles and motivating them to reach their full potential. Geena is also a licensed teacher with a master's in foreign languages from UNCC and has helped numerous students reach their linguistic goals. In her free time, she creates art by working on mosaic pieces.



B.A. in in French from Les Soeurs Des Saints Coeurs School

Graduated 1990

B.S. in Human Nutrition from University of Massachusetts

Graduated in 2006


M.A.T. in Teaching a Foreign Language from University of North Carolina Charlotte

Graduated 2017

Fluent in French & Arabic


Health Coach: 

American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) 

 Accredited by the National Comission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)

July 2021

Contact INFO

Phone Number


(980) 237-4766 ext 117


areas of interest

- Stress Management/ Reducing Stress

- Confidence Issues/ Self-Discovery

- Motivational Interviewing

- SMART Goals

- Eating Issues/ Healthy Eating

- Organizational Skills/ Managing Workload

- Controlling Screen-time

- Strengthening personal skills

- Taking Meaningful Breaks/ Relaxation Techniques

- Healthier Lifestyle Habits/ Setting Boundaries

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